The nano-sized

The nano-sized

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Microchips are less than a centimeter thick and are an integral part of everyday life. They are everywhere: in washing machines, toasters, smartphones, cars – even passports now have a microchip built in. All these devices and technologies have one thing in common: they only work with transistors – billions of them.

These transistors are at the heart of information technology. Today, digital devices demand up to 12% of global electricity, and the trend is rising. And even more alarming: forecasts predict that without optimization of energy requirements, more electricity will be needed for computer chips by 2040 than our global energy production can supply.

When looking for a solution, it makes sense to start right there and adjust the energy requirements for the smallest components in order to achieve considerable savings en masse: The single atom transistor we have developed requires only 0.1 percent of the energy of a conventional transistor.


How the smallest Transistor
in the World works


Unique, efficient,

Disruptive technology – Has the potential to revolutionize the entire data processing market.
Significant energy savings by a factor of 10,000 compared to conventional silicon transistors.
Works at room temperature and without significant waste heat.
Safety and easy handling are guaranteed by the use of a gel electrolyte.
Can be manufactured with conventional, abundant, inexpensive and non-toxic materials.
Lead investor is the Patentpool Group with experience in the management and financing of disruptive technologies.
Renowned team of KIT scientists has been researching this technology for over 15 years.
The technology is patent-protected and the patent portfolio is being continuously expanded.
Proof-of-technology achieved: transistors work more and more energy-efficiently under laboratory conditions.

On the Way to Becoming
an Environmental Disaster

By 2040, MIT predicts that computer chips will require more electricity than our global energy production can supply.

More than 10% of the electricity demand of industrialized countries currently goes to data communication and processing.

If the Internet were a country, it would be the sixth largest energy consumer in the world.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin requires more electrical energy for its computing power than Ireland.

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