The revolution in

The revolution in

Nowadays, microchips are not only found in computers and smartphones, but also in household appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, for example.

Information technology, and digitization in general, is currently responsible for just over 10% of global energy consumption in industrialized countries. Transistors are the central elements of digital data processing and are at the heart of this energy consumption.

The single atom transistor requires only about 0.1 percent of the energy of a conventional transistor for a switching operation and enables switching energies that are a factor of 10,000 smaller than conventional silicon technologies.


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with the help of an atom


Unique, efficient,

Disruptive technology – Has the opportunity to the entire market of Data processing for revolutionize.
Substantial energy saving Compared to traditional Transistors made of silicon to the factor 10,000.
Works already with Room temperature and without substantial waste heat.
Safety and simple Handling are due to the Use of a gel Electrolytes guaranteed.
Can be used with traditional, abundantly available, inexpensive and non-toxic Materials manufactured become.
Lead investor is the Patentpool Group with Management experience and financing from disruptive technologies.
Renowned team of Scientists of the KIT researches for over 15 years on the technology.
Patent protected and patent portfolio will continuously expanded.
Proof-of-Technology achieved: transistors under Work under laboratory conditions continuously more energy efficient.

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Environmental Destructor

By 2040, MIT predicts that computer chips will require more electricity than our global energy production can supply.

More than 10% of the electricity demand of industrialized countries currently goes to data communication and processing

If the Internet were a country, it would be the sixth largest energy consumer in the world.

Die Kryptowährung Bitcoin benötigt mehr elektrische Energie für seine Rechenleistung als Irland.

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