How does the smallest
Transistor in the world


Smart computer chips
are in all units of the
Data processing

Two tiny metal contacts are deposited on a carrier (e.g. made of glass or silicon) with a 50 to 100 nm gap between them. Such a structure can be produced effortlessly using conventional methods.


Contained there are millions
of atoms

Now, silver is galvanically deposited from an electrolyte at the opposite ends of the metal contacts until the two silver contacts touch at an atom


The highest energy consumption
occurs in the transistors
of our electric devices

The contacting atom is switched back and forth between two defined positions to selectively open or close the circuit. A prerequisite for this is atomic bistability, which can be established by a separate and independent gate electrode.


Targeted switching using
of one single atom

This “control” electrode can break or close the circuit between the two contacts by means of a change in potential. This is the first time that the function of a transistor has been realized on an atomic scale.


Revolutionary technology,
that sustain our lives
will change

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